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Jaguar 1Q21 Outlook & Premium Ideas

December 27, 2020

Just like prior quarter, we are bringing many fresh ideas this time. High growth under the radar small and mid cap stocks that I believe many Jag clients have never heard of. The goal with every pick remains the same: find opportunities where street estimates haven’t caught up to underlying growth story yet, resulting in potential for significant re-rating. Some of them have hard catalysts in play. Some are best of breed stocks to play secular strong trends accelerated by covid-led disruptions. Some are betting on cyclical recovery. There is an entertainment stock, which we believe is a come-back story in 2021 with major long term catalysts. There is a bank that benefits from improving net interest margin. There is very exciting emerging medtech. There are two software companies, one that is growing top line revenues by +60% YoY with near zero street coverage, while the other software is a turnaround story. There is a pure play in tackling cybercrime (not to confuse with cybersecurity). There is a high growth stock in genomics and single cell biological research, a stock in housing industry, a stock in oil sector, two stocks in travel sector, a high growth fintech, and lastly a company uniquely positioned to benefit from large orders from Amazon. As you can tell, there is pretty good mix here from several industries, but if you are looking for a common denominator, you will find many of them are small cap stocks, which certainly can be volatile but also highly rewarding. Separately, once you have the outlook, please do not skip over macro section where I discussed in detail the current market sentiment along with 5 key themes to emerge in 2021 and our favorite picks in each of those themes.


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